Facts and figures about Snijtech

Snijtech was founded in 1995. After several turbulent years of growth, Snijtech moved to the Janesloot 1 in Joure in 2002 and we have been based here since.

Our company has always kept a broad view in the market. We are a prominent supplier to the Dutch yacht and shipbuilding industry as well as machine and equipment manufacturers. Meanwhile, 35% of our turnover is export related. Our history is as turbulent as adventurous, but we managed to hold our course, even during some of the less profitable years behind us. We currently employ about 100 people who are working in 2 or 3 shifts and we have a well stocked order book.

Some facts and figures about Snijtech:
  • Steel                             12.000 ton
  • Aluminium                    1.500 ton
  • STAINLESS STEEL          200 ton