Laser cutting

On our laser cutting department we have 4 Trumpf laser cutting machines available with a maximum range of 12,000 x 2,500mm and a capacity of 6 kilowatts. Our machines are equipped with fast exchange tables and loading robots for optimal logistics.

Laser technology provides a clean and directly weldable cutting edge with an accuracy of 0.1mm. The laser beam has a limited effect on the material, causing minimal heating and therefore minimal deformation of the material. The power of the laser can be controlled to enable lines and texts to be engraved with excellent visibility.

Laser cutting is ideal for cutting high-quality products in steel up to 30mm, stainless steel up to 25mm and aluminum up to 15mm. Apart from its application for industrial projects, laser cutting is also an excellent method for aluminium and steel parts for the high-quality boatbuilding industry.