Product: Building kit, aluminium
Categories: Scale model, explorer yacht

One of our future projects! At this moment we delivered a scale model of the Arksen 70 project. The scale model was built up out of 1 and 2mm stainless steel plate material cutted on our fibre laser. We are involved in the engineering stage so we can assist our customer to create the most efficient building kit for all partners.

Summary Customer:
Designed for explorers and made for adventure, our vessels have been designed to meet the requirements for true explorer vessels in the 20 to 30m range, and that can be manned by minimal crew. Designed from the ground up to take you to wherever your next great adventure lies in an efficient, reliable and trusted platform.

On almost every level, the Arksen vessels beat the competition. On the strength, range, environmental impact, life-cycle management, usage opportunities and maintenance, the Arksen Series stand out. All interior layouts are easily reconfigured so they can be used for leisure, research and commercial purposes. Through the infusion of the latest technologies and ownership models, we have created a series of platforms that we hope will inspire the next generation of explorers to embark on their dream adventures.

  • Length overall: 23 metres  
  • Breadth moulded: 6.25 metres   
  • Draught: 1.37 metres  
  • Max speed: 13 knots

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