Measuring devices

The quality of press brake bending is becoming increasingly important.

On our bending department we operate 6 Safan Darly “new generation” press brakes. Thanks to NC controlled measuring devices we assure the highest accuracy in angle bending. To become more flexible but also to have more capacity, Snijtech has invested in 2 new press brakes. 

Bending up to 12 m1

The capacity of the Safan press brakes was limited to 600 ton and a length of 6 meter width capable of bending 20mm steel plates. The 2 new 6-metre press brakes have a total force of 1800 tonnes. With these machines, we can press 20 mm thick over a length of 12 metres. In combination with the roller and 3D form presses, a multitude of metal forms can be manufactured. 

Angle and Bulb flat bending

Besides plate bending we have a specialised department for the radius bending of Angle bars, Bulb flats (HP), T-bars and Rider (flat) bars. With this specialised work we fulfil every detail of prefabrication work which is part of the ready for assembly formula “for shipbuilding” we strongly believe in.

Saving time and money

By using more bends instead of welds builders can increase the building quality and save a lot of time. We are more than willing to discuss bending details and to share our bending possibility’s and knowledge with the detail engineer in order to achieve an optimal building process.

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