Plate size 13x3.5 m1

Our plasma cutting department consists of 3 plasma cutting machines equipped with High performance Hypertherm power sources to 400 amps and a inkjet marking tool.

The maximum range of our machines is 13x3.5 m1. We use a robot bevel head and milling tools for any V, K, X or Y edge preparation detailed.

Highest accuracy

Our plasma cutters are equipped with latest technology CNC processors and the cutting and inkjet marking consoles are positioned on a dual-axis linear guiding and control system to assure the highest accuracy. We can cut steel and aluminium to a thickness of 50mm.

Quality matters!

  • To guarantee the position of the inkjet marking lines versus the cutting contours we carry out physical checks on marking/cutting line accuracy and record check dimensions
  • The use of pure process gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon hydrogen ensures the cutting edges are clean and suitable for direct welding
  • All parts are delivered burr-free
  • Aluminium and steel parts production is kept completely separate;
  • Tolerances are limited to +/- 1,5 mm.

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