Perfectly fitting plates

3D forming of aluminium and steel shell plates is a unique technique requiring a lot of knowledge and experience.

We have experienced and well trained staff understanding the importance of a perfectly fitting bow, tunnel, bilge or stern plate.

Any concave or convex shape

Using waterjet cut templates; “provided by specialised software”, and drawings; “like exploded views and lines plans” to check the position of the plates, we are able to accurately press or stretch any concave or convex shape the plate requires.

Working method document

With 8 motivated skilled employees controlling 8 rolling and stamping presses we produce yearly around 15.000 m2 3D curved plates for a various amount of yachts and ships.


We highly appreciate a good communication with the engineer in advance for this kind of service as the methods of shaping plates around the globe differs a lot. Please check out our working method document for more information about our forming process and our requirements.

Please contact our sales department ([email protected]) for inquiries.

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Your specialist in 3D shellplate forming

Looking for a specialist in 3D shellplate forming? Marine Metals Holland is a Netherlands based supplier of metalwork solutions and building kits for yacht- shipbuilding and offshore constructions! If you require any further information about 3D shellplate forming, please let us know.

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