Sorting solutions

On our laser cutting department we operate with 5 Trumpf laser cutting machines with a maximum cutting range of 12x2.5 m1 and a capacity of 10kw kilowatt.

Our machines are equipped with fast exchange tables and loading robots for optimal logistics and sorting solutions.

Hardly any heat effect

Laser technology provides a clean and directly weldable cutting edge on a accuracy below 0.5 mm. The tiny laser beam has hardly any heat effect on the cut parts and therefor the engineer can add details like straight internal edges and holes on 0,5 mm x thickness material. Laser cutting is ideal for cutting high-quality products in steel up to 30mm, stainless steel up to 25mm and aluminium up to 15mm.

Marine Aluminium kits

Apart from its application for industrial projects, laser cutting is also an excellent and proven cutting method for the production of parts for aluminium kits for boatbuilding. The technique is 2d but thanks to our ability to process (mill) parts after cutting we can offer parts completely ready for assembly including machining details like chamfered edges and treaded holes.

Text and line marking

The power of the laser can be controlled to enable lines and texts to be engraved with excellent visibility and on very high accuracy. Marking as much as possible information on the parts of the kit is an important support for efficient building. Think of  frame lines, sorting numbers, waterline references, bending and welding instructions etc.

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