Highest standard

To achieve this standard, it is extremely important that there is a good consultation structure between the builder, the engineer and Snijtech to discuss all details of the kit and working instructions in advance.

Support on 3D engineering

Besides material supply and profiling we can support our customers and marine engineers with our knowledge on the field of 3D expansion work for non-developable hullshapes. This service can only start with a IGS model including a construction plan so we can add frame lines and other references on the parts for the right positioning. We can check the butts and seams plan and take over the plate expansion work and template production in ship constructor software so we will be responsible for the proper information for plate forming.

Support on profile works

In our profile workshop we shorten profiles to length and add snipe- and endcut details according to the provided drawings from the engineer. With this service we can take our customer work out of hands enabling him to focus purely on his building process without wasting hours on other than building.

Please contact our sales department ([email protected]) for inquiries.

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