All the grades of steel that we supply are certified and comply with the applicable shipbuilding standards.

Blasting and coating

We are able to supply all our steel products blasted and coated with an average lead time of one week. The completely automated abrasive blasting and preservation lines assure a optimum adhesion of used marine grade primers of A-brands like Sigma, Hempel or Nippon Ceramo.

Logistic knowledge

Thanks to our logistic experience we make short delivery times possible in every situation. That means that we're not frightened by orders that may at first sight seem impossible - quite the opposite! Thanks to a good cooperation with logistic specialists we can ship your material easily to every conceivable destination worldwide.

We aim for the best solution

MMH prides itself on always aiming for the best solutions for its customers. We make the best deals and we will take all necessary arrangements to make live easy for you. All the necessary paperwork like; export documentary, packing lists, traceability reports and certificate administration are arranged by us.

Please take a look at our steel and aluminium cutting services or contact our sales manager Daniell Diekema ([email protected]) for inquiries.

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Marine Metals Holland

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Marine Metals Holland is a Netherlands based supplier of marine grade plates, profiles, metalwork solutions and building kits for yacht- shipbuilding and offshore constructions! If you require any further information, please let us know.

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